We aim to help small businesses and non-profit organisations to grow their presence. Whether its your website, printed materials or social media that needs attention we can help you to compete with bigger companies, bigger budgets and increase your exposure.

Sleeping Bear - Stuart Baulk

Stuart Baulk, BSc (Hons), PhD, DipBus, DipM

Director, Graphic and Web Designer

Stuart is a graphic designer with a PhD in Applied Psychology and almost 20 years of experience in research, consulting and education. He established Sleeping Bear in 2012 and has also studied Marketing, Advertising, Visual Communication and Permaculture.

You can reach him at stuart@sleepingbear.com.au



We have extensive experience in developing graphical layouts for brochures, reports, flyers, posters, pricelists and promotional items.

Sleeping Bear can help you with a variety of Graphic Design and Communications services, for print, online and audiovisual mediums.


We have developed a wide range of websites and social media platforms, and we regularly maintain them to give businesses an ongoing buzz. We are also able to provide editing and post-production services, to get your video content onto the web and enhance your presence.


We also have expertise in thesis marking and moderation for psychology and related subjects.

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Stuart Baulk
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