We regularly take on student interns from programs in Digital Media, Communications and Media Arts and aim to provide a broad experience which includes dealing with clients, preparing proposals, quotes and project updates, setting up domain registration and hosting, designing and building websites, planning and running social media campaigns and more.

We also aim to make sure that every intern is mentored through developing their own website or online portfolio and setting up to achieve their goals via networking, freelance opportunities or involvement in ongoing projects.

Nikita Skuse

Keets & Comms

I have been a communications and marketing intern with Sleeping Bear through my final year at UniSA and could not be more pleased with my experience! Stuart has been an invaluable mentor to me during this time. Through this internship I have gained knowledge in social media strategy, communications, SEO, quoting, invoicing and website design, as well as how to generally navigate the business world. As a seasoned freelancer, Stuart’s knowledge of the industry has been incredibly beneficial. He has guided me through the ins and out of freelancing and has helped me create a freelance brand of my own. Stuart’s eccentric personality will leave never a dull moment when working on a project with him, which I think is rare and exciting. Through gaining a behind-the-scenes perspective of how he works, I can see that he genuinely cares about the people he works with and is passionate about creating the best website possible for each and every one of them.

Nikita Skuse

Yr 3 Journalism, UniSA

Maddison Sales

Sicarius Designs

Interning with Sleeping Bear has been one of the best experiences of my university journey. Not only do you help Stuart with his business, but he helps you – along with an incredible group of other interns. It’s a learning and growing experience on all ends and something I will always be grateful for. The knowledge i have gained on WordPress and working with real clients has opened my eyes to what my future might hold. Thanks Stuart!

Maddi Sales

Yr 4 Journalism, UniSA

During my media arts degree at UniSA I completed an internship with Stuart at Sleeping Bear. I had the opportunity to work on the North East Isuzu Group website and learnt a number of skills that will help kick start my career in web design and development, including setting up domains and hosting, writing quotes and determining prices, as well as building website pages and layouts. Stuart was a great host, allowing me to explore my own creativity whilst guiding any confusion in the right direction. Stuart was always happy to answer questions and make plans for future projects. Stuart also encouraged me to build my own website which has further developed my brand and business. I really enjoyed my internship at Sleeping Bear and hope to continue to work with them in the future.

Lilly Jones

Yr 3 Media Arts, UniSA

Michael Zavos

Made by Zav

Stuart is greatly experienced in many fields, and for me coming into Sleeping Bear as an Intern, he has helped me gain an understanding of many areas that have benefitted me for my education and future career. He loves to regularly take on new challenges and can easily inspire new ideas from the people working with him on projects. Stuart has been a great mentor and he always encourages me to complete tasks to the best of my ability.

Michael Zavos

Yr 2 Computer Science, University of Adelaide