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With around 20 years of experience in workplace training and higher education, we specialise in  e-learning design – building online education and training platforms, and engaging course materials.

If you need to provide remote or online training to your personnel, members or subscribers – we can help you by developing engaging, interactive training modules to deliver content and assess learning objectives.

We have experience with Articulate Storyline to create SCORM-compliant content for your learning management system, or we can help you to develop your own platform via your website. We also work with the Moodle, and OpenLearning platforms as well as integrating both SCORM and H5P content as required.

This can of course be tailored to your organisation’s branding and style, and integrated with your website and social media platforms.


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We are now able to provide training in Articulate Storyline to clients in small group (<10 people) workshop settings over 1 day. Get in touch to express your interest in developing e-learning design skills for your team.


“This training course is by far the best I have ever completed. It reflects a lot of my current personal work / life balance, especially travelling. Whoever has put this together has really nailed it.”

E-Learning User (SCORM 2021)
FMSSA Fatigue Risk Management Course

“You will enjoy this course. The modules are well illustrated, the ideas are explained clearly, and the perspectives presented are fresh and engaging.

You will find application of the Model rewarding, especially if you like horses, especially if you care about horses, and especially if you want to do something to improve their welfare.”

Emeritus Professor, David Mellor 
Pony Club Australia Academy

Feedback from our members on the site has been positive – it’s really fabulous well done!

Coaching Director, Pony Club Victoria 
Pony Club Australia Academy

I love what you have done and see how the clubs and riding centres can benefit from it. 

E-Learning User (Moodle 2020)
Pony Club Australia Academy

Sleeping Bear E-Learning Design
Sleeping Bear E-Learning Design
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