by Sleeping Bear

So you’re running a business and you need a website. You did some research and it’s going to cost you something like $5000, plus the ongoing costs of hosting, maintenance and updates.


You have looked at the budget and its not looking great – maybe you can survive another year just using facebook?

Zero Dollar Websites are for small businesses who can literally TRADE their services for ours.

  • You’re running a cafe? Pay us in coffee!
  • You’re an up and coming winemaker? Send us a case!
  • You sell organic fruit and veg? Talk to us today!

You get the same web design service – delivered on a slightly longer timeline but with no dollars billed to you. 

Sleeping Bear Website Design and Business Branding
Sleeping Bear - Web Design


We can also help you integrate your website with facebook, twitter, instagram and linkedin platforms so that your visuals and messages are aligned.

Sleeping Bear - Website Design

Low Cost

Most small businesses can’t afford to spend huge dollars on a website. We aim to keep costs low by offering great looking websites that are affordable.

Sleeping Bear - Website Design


We spend time checking and ensuring that your website responds to the user’s screen, so that it looks great on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles.