Well 2020 is turning out to be a very interesting year for many reasons. Plenty of anxiety and stress abound of course, but  some really positive things happening as well. I have been able to spend much more time with my baby son (Freddy) as a result of the working-from-home phase in early 2020. The digital world has also exploded as another knock-on effect of the global pandemic. We are now busier than ever before developing websites, updating social media, and working in the online education and training space.

Digital transformation is everywhere, catalysed by COVID-19. In many cases this is a welcome (or even overdue) effect, as new businesses and projects are born in adaptation to the post-coronavirus world. A number of organisations have expressed interest in moving face-to-face training into an online platform, or supplementing printed materials with a learning management system. Having worked in industry training as well as university education (plus studying extensively myself) I am very familiar with these systems. Today there are elements which create far greater potential for student engagement, gamification and assessment. This can not only build resilience for your business during periods of lockdown or economic downturn, but also effectively expand your audience and client base with a wider reach.

As always, our work embraces variety, meaning and sustainability – so we are expecting the rest of 2020 to be busy, engaging and interesting. Hibernation is cancelled for the forseeable future!