Time to wake up and get things moving again…

Without needing to discuss 2020 and all that it was and still is – 2021 is off and running and there is already plenty happening here.

UniSA intern Nikita will be sticking around to help with social media and promotion – check out her website link from the interns page.

More interns look likely when the academic year starts up at the end of february – we have already had a few enquiries and have been helping some other small businesses to get into the system too.

There will be several new websites being completed with the SB treatment towards the end of January, including the Glenelg Men’s Probus, The Able Editor and Lefevre Legal.

There is also lots happening with online learning as two new platforms will be launched for Fatigue Management & Sleep Solutions Australia, and Pony Club Australia.

The other good news is that we hve started to find some even better deals and options for website and email hosting – so will be building this into our packages at lower cost.


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